Borrowers’ Stories

Odin Brewing

When Dan Lee left his corporate job to start Odin Brewing, it was a dream come true. 11 years later, he was struggling to relocate his entire brewing operation—amid a global pandemic. Luckily, he found out about the Small Business Flex Fund and the taps are flowing once again.

Causey’s Learning Center

Ruth’s mom opened Causey’s Learning Center 67 years ago. When the pandemic hit, Causey’s stayed open to provide a much-needed service to working families. And when the business needed help to be able to retain their exceptional teachers, she found out about the Small Business Flex Fund through the local Chamber of Commerce. “The process of getting the loan was really easy!” Now she’s able to keep her employees and make improvements to the facility to be able to enroll more children.

Rusty Bar Ranch

When you’ve spent most of your life around horses, the last thing you want to do is give them up. But that’s exactly what Kathy, the owner of the Rusty Bar Ranch was facing. But rather than sell her beloved horses, she turned to the Small Business Flex Fund for a little help. Now she’s back in the saddle again. 

Skyhawk Press

Alisha founded Skyhawk Press because she couldn’t stand the long commute at her previous job. 11 years later they’re the #1 U.S. retailer for official licensed Liverpool soccer club merchandise. When the pandemic hit, she says the Small Business Flex Fund was “like a beacon in the storm”. Now, she’s not only able to keep the business running, but has expanded to a bigger space.

Golden Sherpa

Margie started Golden Sherpa after struggling to find a housing solution for her mom. She realized there was a missing link for finding and researching appropriate housing options. When the pandemic hit, she needed a little help getting the word out. Now Margie is marketing the business more effectively.

Bertha’s Daycare

While many businesses closed amidst the pandemic, Bertha kept the doors to her daycare open, caring for children 24 hours a day. For Bertha, the loan process was much smoother than working through a regular bank, and now she can remodel the daycare into a magical space that she says will make everyone feel like a child again.

Steer Inn

Steer Inn, a classic American restaurant in Spokane, has been a staple in the community since 1957. Juan Carrillo started working at Steer Inn 10 years ago, and when his former employer retired in 2019, he took over the restaurant. Thanks to the Flex Fund, Juan has been able to navigate the restaurant through the pandemic, inflation, staff shortages, and much more, continuing the Steer Inn legacy.

The Personal Touch

Through her small business, The Personal Touch, Lisa has been providing in-home care services for the elderly since 2007. COVID-19 hit the industry hard, and during a time her business was expanding their services to help women in need. Because she was able to access flexible, working capital at a low interest rate through the Flex Fund, Lisa bought and is remodeling a new building three times the size of her old space, laying the foundation for her growing business.